Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vega Strike Release Due In Summer

At last, a Vega Strike update is coming in the summer. It's been long overdue. :-)

The next Ultimate Stunts release is imminent. It won't bring much in the way of features but should keep things moving forward. I like this game, it's a little different to the other racing games out there - a little more freeform and funky. (It makes sense to me.) A few more graphics, levels, and cars and it really would be a cool game, but there's only so much that 1 guy can do unless others chip in. ;-)

Pingus needs an SDL guru... well, not a guru, but somebody prepared to take the SDL port which "sort of" works and make it "really" work. I might run a little campaign now that the translated version of FreeTrain is coming together.

Speaking of FreeTrain, a Windows binary is due in the next couple of weeks. The end goal is to replace any Windows-specific code and make it cross platform but that is going to have to wait. The game lacks proper save game support (saves are done using serialization - meaning they are very fragile when it comes to new versions of the game) so that also needs working on. Still the future is starting to look rosey after nearly a year's campaign on Free Gamer to get it translated and, eventually, ported. :-)


Ashes: TWC

Y'know, I haven't given Nexuiz enough of a mention on this site. This deathmatch FPS game looks beautiful. Everywhere I look I read glowing reports on how much fun it is, how well balanced the gameplay is, how good the graphics are and how well it performs even on modest hardware. Nexuiz uses the Darkplaces engine which is a highly modified Quake 1 engine. I think it is kinda cool how Darkplaces is in some ways more advanced than the Quake 3 engine - using ioq3 as a reference.

If you lurve your FPS games then you should be downloading it already.

How am I doing? Hmm... one more...

Ashes: Two Worlds Collide is inspired by Ultima VII amongst others. I'm fairly sure it's only going to be freeware, but free advanced RPGs are a pretty rare thing so this is an exciting looking project. Some gameplay movies are due in the next couple of weeks showing off the latest progress.

Ashes tries to be a complete rpg experience

An exciting prospect. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the cartoony graphics [which are a homage to Ultimate VII] but otherwise it does look pretty cool for a free game. Now if only it was open source... :-)

No music tips currently. I've made too many and forgotten what I already posted so it's put off until I instate a music tips list mainly for my own reference.

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