Here are the contributing authors to the Free Gamer blog, listed chronologically.

Charlie aka Free Gamer

Charlie created the blog back in 2006 after amassing a near-biblical knowledge of the Free Software game scene.
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Classical shooter hero and artist machine gunner Julius is not amused by your lack of bullets!


TheAncientGoat aka Ryan

Like most ancient goats / Lovecraftian elder gods, TheAncientGoat is lazy and forgetful. However, we at Free Gamer do not discriminate and are happy to have him posting for us.

Actually he's the least lazy one even.


Bart Kelsey

As admin of the OpenGameArt community, Bart wrote some of the most intense discussions of this blog.
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Others, guests and you(?)

We have more guests posting from time to time, sometimes even new authors. If you would like to contribute to this blog, please read this!

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