Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beyond The Red Line

Welcome to post number 100 on Free Gamer. Slowly I am finding out how to push blogger to it's limits. The list is starting to look much better, now that the layout is getting there. The tedious work of populating it with real information is looming. Once that is done, several more mini-lists will sprout up.

Anyway, back to the daily grind of talking about Free Software games. It's a hard knock life, it is. ;-)

Starting with Freeciv, which saw 2.1beta4 released (download) over the weekend. (Not sure how I missed that yesterday.) It fixes many crashes so hopefully should be a lot more stable than 2.1beta3 which, in my experience, was fairly ropey. Initial feedback seems to be pretty good.

I created some Ubuntu packages for Freeciv-2.1beta4. I felt like doing a good deed for the day, or something like that.

Beyond The Red Line

Battlestar Galactica: Beyond The Red Line is a game being developed by fans for fans of the series and is based on a modified version of the open sourced Freespace2 engine. It looks fantastic! They just released a demo of their work so far.

Since it is a total conversion (i.e. not a mod) you do not need the origianl Freespace2 game [media] to play, making this game Free! Another cool 3D arcade space shooter joins the mix. Awesome. :-)

I've not mentioned Open City for a while. This 3D Sim City inspired title is slowly taking shape. The last release was showing a lot of promise and I'm hopeful the next release (thriftily labelled 0.0.5) should have all the essential elements of a city management game.


Another game that saw a release over the weekend was Iris2. This is a complete rewrite using the OGRE 3D engine. It looks very tasty indeed. Whilst you do need the original Ultima Online files, you can download a trial version for free and use it to play unlimited on free shards as it only locks you out of official shards (shards being servers).

Music tip:

Rooster & Peralta - Pornokopia (Kobbe & Leeds mix)

PS. Please comment on the new list format. Good feedback early on means less work later on fixing it!

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Unknown said...

Nice of you to create those Freeciv Ubuntu packages! The Freeciv website has a wiki page listing such packs, called 'More Distributions' -- feel free to add them there. ;)

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