Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Somebody is taking the Glest engine and turning it into a game based on Starship Troopers, the bloodiest goriest movie ever to be certified as suitable for viewing by 15 year olds in the UK.

StarShip Troopers:
Last Defense

StarShip Troopers: Last Defense is in it's infancy but they are making steady progress and it would be nice to finally have an open source answer to Starcraft. Building on the Glest engine shows off one of the powers of Free Software. :-)

FreeTrain is now playable. If you have VS2005 you can grab SVN and run it. There are a few more issues to be addressed before any builds are posted, related to features not working that should be and a rather sharp learning curve that needs addressing with a few nice tutorial levels, but it's getting there!

Simutrans continues to close in on it's 1.0 release with version 0.99.10 - I always like a release early, release often strategy and the Simutrans releases epitomise that philosophy.

I had more to talk about but I'm in a rush and forgot, plus I'm doing somebody else's dissertation proposal for them because, well, guys are an easy target for girls.

Music tip:

Groove Armada - Get Down

(Yay, music tips are back... and this one is awesome.

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