Monday, April 13, 2020

Stuck at home looking for some Free 4x space strategy game?

Hi and welcome back to another rare post from your favorite open-source games blog :) Oh and yes I am also in quarantine due to Covid-19... stay save and stay at home!

So these days I had *some* time to check out recent developments in the probably most "just another turn" time wasting genre: 4x space strategy games.

Hot off the press is a first beta release of faithful modernization of the grand-daddy of this genre (Masters of Orion) called Remnants of the Precursors:

(Click here to watch the above video on instead)

Those sweet graphics come in at a hefty 1GB download and you will need Java to run it. The full GPL3 licensed source-code is available, but sadly the art assets are all under various non-libre Creative Commons licenses. The author is also asking for feedback on the beta via Reddit.

But did I say "faithful"? Yes, this is game-play wise a pretty much exact copy on the 1993 classic. Not your cup of tea? Then maybe it is time to revisit FreeOrion.

This might not be as new or flashy, but it is the real fully libre deal!
What is more? There is now a community run multiplayer matchmaking server with XMPP turn notification support for your multi-week play sessions. Our friends at #libregamenight on Freenode IRC have already organized some nice games with it.

Any other similar games to play during these difficult times? Let us know on the forums :)

Stay save and keep those around you safe as well 😷

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