Monday, April 16, 2007

Freespace2 Total Conversions

Freespace 2 is a commercial 3D space action game, created by Volition inc, whose engine has been made available as Free Software.

This has enabled several total conversions of the game, 3 in particular, to be made into standalone games.

WC Saga

First up there is Wing Commander Saga, (obviously) set in the ever-popular Wing Commander universe. There is no Linux version yet but it's in the works, so you'll need a Mac or Windows (or WINE?) to play it at the moment.

The Babylon Project is (obviously) set in the Babylon 5 universe. It seems to be Windows only for the moment. :-(

Finally, the recently announced BattleStar Galactica - Beyond the Red Line, set in (you guessed it) the Battlestar Galactica universe, which does have a Linux version (yay!) although you may need a few tricks to be able to play it in Linux.

There is another TC called Inferno that is fairly popular amongst FS2 fans, but it's existence is a little less clear. There is:

There may be more as currently, some projects are on "back burner" to try and get some of the other projects released. There is a Star Wars mod, as well as a few others, but it is unclear which ones are TC or not as it's all for internal access only. For those interested in looking further, check out HLP Forums > Hosted Projects.

This post was really just a fleshed out version of an email sent to me by Joshua Richards - thanks Joshua!

No music tip today. Not slept for a while and in no mood to choose anything with a pounding beat.


Anonymous said...

The Babylon 5 mod has a stickied forum post thread that goes into how to get it to run on 'nix. ttp://,40036.0.html

Also, yay for BB5! I need to try this one out...

Charlie said...


Thanks for the tip! :-)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Freespace 2 is not free software/open-source. As this license
clearly shows.

Forbidding commercial use is incompatible with the free software definition, the debian free software guidelines and the open source definition.

Too bad. :|

Unknown said...

It doesn't qualify as open source if you look strictly at the Open Source Initiative's definition, no. But seriously, what else could you possibly refer to it as?

Charlie said...

"Shared source" ;-)

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