Friday, April 20, 2007

Don't Fret!

There's a Frets on Fire update. I swear that game has the coolest logo. New features for this guitar-meets-DDR game include wobbly effects for long notes, combo totals, and support for left-handed players, plus the usual bug fixes.

You can now play FreeTrain. It lives! Still missing are pre-made levels, proper save game support, and tutorials, plus a few of the plugins don't work. FreeTrain is an interesting game when it comes to architecture. Almost everything is written as a plugin, trains and all. Anyway if you have a copy of VS2005 you can play it now, otherwise you'll have to wait a bit longer before binaries are created.

I somehow missed a game out yesterday in the flight combat article... Edit - added it! Carrier 2, an opengl remake of the old classic Carrier Command. It looks good and 4 years steady development means it should get better. ;-)

Also I don't think I mentioned that Egoboo Resurrection 2.3.7 got released - for Windows & Mac only at the moment though. I can't remember if I mentioned the April 1st Warzone 2.0.6 release either.

What are you waiting for? Go play them.

Music tip:

Huntemann - 2 Beloved

I don't know whether many people bother to download these tips, but this one is another really cracking track.

On a side note my list plans are coming together soon so expect RSS abuse. I also need to update a ton of articles that are missing <p> tags since I switched off auto line breaks in blogger.

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hikaricore said...

There was a great post on the ubuntu forums today about tricking out Frets of FIre:

Keep up the good work on your blog :)

--Aaron :: Ubuntu Gamers Arena

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