Friday, April 13, 2007

The Power Of Sauer

Anything is possible

Sauer Platformer

So yesterday I'm perusing the Sauerbraten forums and came across this wonderful new map [see right]. The creativity! :-)

But, more seriously, check out the following screenshot of SauerMod, described as:

Gameplay Extensions for Sauerbraten, including Bots and Enhancements to the FPS, as well as a new Side Scrolling Platformer.

Kewl. Although I wish they'd finish Eisenstern. *twiddles thumbs*

In other Free FPS news, the action oriented game Warsow is closing in on a new release, 0.3, which should bring a lot of improvements to the game. If you want to get a feel for the game without playing it, there's a community gameplay movie showing off the various jumping tricks you can pull off in Warsow. Get the HD version from their forum or stream it in a lower resolution.

Does anybody remember PPRacer? It was supposed to be the Free Software successor to the formerly-Free Tux Racer. Development of PPRacer stagnated, died (where PPRacer development was hosted), and the project seemed doomed. However some Ubuntu forum members are trying to revive things and have put a site up on although it's just a forum at the moment. The power of Free Software, the revival of a game. :-D

The FreeTrain translation effort progresses. Expect a release, soon. The first release will be Windows only but the medium-term goal is to port it to SDL. Any C#/SDL wizards are welcomed with open arms to the project so join in if you can!

Finally I will be getting the Internet at home again. That means I'll be able to properly finish up the lists. Woohoo! The excitement of going through hundreds of game websites etc. What can I say, I'm underwhelmed.

Music tip:

Buzzy Trent - Groove On The Line

I'm outta here...

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