Monday, April 02, 2007

UFO:AI 2.1

UFO:AI 2.1 was released (changelog, download) yesterday.

This is turning into an incredible game. It takes the best elements of the original UFO games and builds on them with contemporary technologies to produce what really has to be one of the leading - if not the best - open source games available. If you want to see how cool it looks, just go over to their screenshot gallery.

Importantly this version adds the foundations for a storyline. So subsequent releases will include a story to compliment the gameplay. Awesome! :-)

3D RPG game Scourge has seen quite a lot of development since it's last version. Notably, the game has been localized and translated to Italian, and the UI is being overhauled with a completely new inventory screen that is more traditional i.e. similar to games like Diablo.

With those new features and lots of bugs fixed, hopefully a new release will follow soon.

The 3D post-apocolyptic RTS Warzone 2100 Resurrection team snook out a 2.0.6 release (changelog, download, screenshots) at the weekend as well. It is mainly bug fixes, but shows that they are working away at improving the game - which these days is also another really good open source game.

Another small release for Those Funny Funguloids. It is still Windows only but, GPL and all, hopefully a Linux version will be out soon.

And I came across Memonix the other day, published by Viewizard of Astromenace fame. It is a polished game for kids that is freeware on Linux. It's really good fun for those young'uns. And me. :-)

In oher news, I'm happy because there's a whole year before we have to suffer the next April foolish idiots day. ;-)

Music tip:

RLP & Wise - On Your Side (Electro mix)

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Anonymous said...

There is now "Those Funny Funguloids!" Linux version, but I can't get it to work. ):
Hope it will work with the next version without problems...

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