Monday, April 23, 2007

Blue Mondays

Plasma Pong

Well, actually, if you're playing Plasma Pong your Monday is probably multi-coloured! What a cool looking variant on a classic game, eh? Shame it's only available for Windows & MacOS X at the moment but it works in WINE. Another shame is that it's not released under a FLOSS license. (The author wants to keep his research into fluid effects proprietry.)

A pong game that is Free and looks quite cool can be found on This one is FLOSS and has a few nice particle effects.

If you like Frets on Fire, be sure to check out this thread in the Ubuntu forums which gives details on some cool improvements you can get for the game as well as some song locations.

And there's another release of FIFE, the engine which has evolved from a Fallout port to a "unique 2D RPG engine". This release takes the engine much closer to being a viable generic RPG engine. I've got a feeling we'll be seeing a game or two based on FIFE crop up in the nearish future. :-)

Barbie Seahorse Adventures. Sounds terrible, but is fun in a cute retro way. If you are a little girl. Just joking, grown men can enjoy it too. It is a former PyWeek game entrant that's been improved a bit. Like I said, retro & cute.

Quick gripe. Flash games might look good sometimes, but I rarely ever find them fun. Usually they are just poor imitations with a bit of gloss and the gameplay sucks. That's why I don't mention them. Example. Oh, and they are rarely, if ever, released under a Free license.

I swear I had some more interesting stuff to talk about but the weekend's antics have removed whatever they were from my memory. Which reminds me... music...

Today's music tip is awesome:

Atrocite - Only You (Dennis Hurwitz mix)

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