Saturday, April 28, 2007

Beats Of Rage

Funny how I have a quick moan about Beats of Rage yesterday only to find OpenBoR today. In fact I had mentioned OpenBoR before on this site but forgot plus these days they seem to be a little more organised. Saying that, seems to have a few issues (forum down, mod links 403).

Beats of Rage is an old school arcade beat em up game, and there's various mods for it such as Double Dragon (what a game that was, eh!?). OpenBoR is an open source effort to provide a free engine compatable with Beats of Rage. I'm hopeful that OpenBoR will run with more success on my Linux laptop than the official BoR game does.

There is even an "enhanced" fork of OpenBoR found on I use quotes because I can't vouch for that, it's just how I found it described on the Beats of Rage article on Wikipedia.

The BoR community seems to be pretty active, and there's lots of mods. If I had the time I would try out a few. But I don't.

Just to prove that Wikipedia isn't all that, it mentions OpenHOR - supposedly a subproject of OpenBOR that allows modders to create horizontal and vertical two dimensional aircraft shooting games... really? I think not.

Interestingly there's (crazy golf aside) no open source golf sim games. That doesn't bother me - golf is boring although Neverputt is fun (comes with Neverball). :-)

I wanna post more but I am out of time... I'll just note that I'm going to add a translation tool to the site (some cool JS hack I found on another site) among other things and that the completion of the games lists is put off for a few more days because I'm too busy with real work (had to do it some time). Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it is fun to play yet, but Quantum Minigolf looks kinda unique (as in 'science project') :) And it's minigolf, not golf, but we'll see.

The idea from the homepage:
The game quantum minigolf is nearly the same as the game minigolf - except that the ball obeys the laws of quantum mechanics.
Such a ball can be at several places at once. It can diffract around obstacles and interfere with itself. Apart from that, the rules are the same: You can play on various tracks involving various obstacles. You hit the ball with a club and try to kick it into a hole on the other side of the track.

Anonymous said...


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