Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Put Your Hands Up For Free Gamer

*Cheer* A Linux version of Those Funny Funguloids is being prepared. Stop by the OGRE forums if you fancy an early look although you will need to compile it yourself.

*Cheer* The next release of Scourge is imminent - due this weekend. Improved UI, more story, more game art, localization, bug fixes, and general Scourge love mean this should be a kicking release. (Scourge is a fave Free game of mine!) :-)

*Cheer* Also due this weekend is some real RSS abuse as I take on reinstating the Free Gamer lists in full. Social life + no home Internet + sometimes having to work == delay thus far.


*Booes* I got a bit of stick yesterday for slightly misrepresenting the fact that Crystal Space is more than just a 3D engine - whereas OGRE is just a 3D engine - so yesterday's comparison of the two was slightly unfair. No stable release for something like 3 years was a mistake by the CS team (a similar mistake being made by the Vega Strike developers) but it's good to see CS getting back into shape and hopefully this open source game engine will be the foundation of some cracking titles in the near future. Ecksdee, OpenOutcast, and Crystal Core are a selection of those in the works with Planeshift being the leading game using Crystal Space.

*Cheer* OpenTTD 0.5.1 got released. That game can be addictive although I think I'm all played out from my younger years. You need the original game [files] to play it although it is not hard to come by.

*Cheer* And I'll round things up by mentioning the Secret Maryo 0.99.6 release. I like the regular releases of this project and the graphics are starting to look really nice. A bit more work on improving the gameplay, levels, and efficiency of the engine and this will be a really, really good game. As it is, it's already a good game and if you like Mario or platform games in general then I would check it out.

*Booes* And so I return to the daily grind...

(Don't worry, the imaginary crowd won't return tomorrow! ;-)

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