Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crystal Core Tech Demo

I know what I wanted to post about yesterday... the Crystal Core tech demo! This rather sexy looking FPS is designed to showcase Crystal Space 3d engine. Crystal Space used to be the open source 3d engine of choice in it's early days, but then OGRE roared past with much better management and more frequent releases. (Developers of any project: release early, release often.) It's difficult to see CS ever getting back on level terms with OGRE but it's good to see progress. I want another Ecksdee release though!

Battle for Antargis 0.2 was rather quietly released several days ago. I've mentioned this game a few times on FG - I like it because it's fairly original i.e. not another remake and because it's inspired by a fairly unique game - Powermonger.

Ok so the ZX Spectrum turned 25 yesterday. I'm older, so I am not amused. What does amuse me is the classic spectrum games - Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy II. Those two remakes had me up until 3am last night, sadly they are Windows only. They should work in WINE though. And are not Free games, just freeware.

This strip can be enjoyed by everybody [who remembers JSWII] - Jet Set Willy Online.

Got any favourite old Speccy games you wish were remade?


Anonymous said...

First of all thanks for the daily updates, your blog is really a interesting resource for people like me who don't have the time to research that much!

But I have to add one thing to the stuff you said about CS:
CS really took a completely different direction that OGRE, thus OGRE was able to overtake CS in the rendering aspect.
But CS is by now a complete game engine, with an extremly well intergrated scripting support, and very nice editing tool chain. OGRE on the other hand is *just* a rendering engine.

Anonymous said...

Anon beat me to it. :) Crystal Space is a much broader and more ambitious project than Ogre. Ogre provides almost nothing beyond the display engine itself, you need to bolt on everything from a scene graph out, but this means Ogre's development is tightly focused and proceeds quickly.
CS has a modular plugin-style architecture that provides almost everything a game dev could want, but that means there's a lot more work to get all those parts written, and to keep them in sync with the rest of the project.

Anonymous said...

oh nice, a ogre-crystal-flamewar =)

maybe crystalspace should call itself a "GAME engine" rather than a 3d engine then, or has crystal space development lost focus ?
"our 3d engine isn't that good, but we got lots of other nice stuff" doesn't sound so good for me...

Wouldn't it be reasonable to use something focused on 3d graphics like ogre as a rendering component in crystalspace ?

Some people prefer being able to choose libraries themselves (without writing plugins) over a all-or-nothing framework.

Anonymous said...

(almost)Completely unrelated, but there is now a linux version of the "those funny funguloids."

See the thread on OGRE's forums: http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=29147&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=75
(links to page 4, where the newest testing build is linked). Seems that they are working on fixing the 'nix version up somewhat (+mp3 support, etc.)

Also, it's kinda weird but I always have to do the vericode thing twice, the first time never takes. At least it's better than the day or two when the image was 404'd...

Steve said...

Never mind Ogre/Crystal Space, when is someone going to remake Tau Ceti? Or Aliens (not the Electric Dreams one, the Argus (IIRC) one)?

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