Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some Classic Game Remakes

I came across the Hardwar project the other day, a contemporary remake of the classic game. No visible progress but plenty of ambition and a cute website. We shall see if it gets anywhere.

A remake that has made some good progress is Game of Bases, putting a modern spin on a Commodore 64 classic Flash Attack. Control 4 tanks, protect your base, and take out your opponents.

I mentioned FlowFlowMania the other day, a Pipe Mania remake. Since then there have been a few updates - 0.5 was announced on Freshmeat although not on the FlowFlowMania site at the time of writing.


Blockout was the original 3D tetris. Gno3Dtet (aka 3D Tetris) is a remake that looks very similar to the original in terms of the tile graphics.

Beware, for I have known more than one person be addicted to that game to the point it adversely affected their degrees!

Not a remake, nor open source, but the Flash adventure game "The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audio Galaxy" (I'm not typing that again!) is reminiscent of the Lucasarts classic Day of the Tentacle (these days playable using ScummVM). It is, of course, free to play.

Shadow of the Beast 3D

Remember Shadow of the Beast? I loved that game, and the follow up (Shadow of the Beast II, of course). Somebody started remaking it in 3D! Sadly it doesn't seem to be headed anywhere (last updated 2 years ago) but I live in hope.

(Y'know, I swear I'd mentioned that last one before but Google says I haven't and I'm not reading 100 posts to see if I did!)

I'll finish off with a Super Mario remake. Since the Secret Maryo developers only provide source packages for Linux, I created some Secret Maryo 0.99.5 packages for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (might work on Dapper Drake). Enjoy!

Music tip:

Franke, Neumann - Criss Source (Titan Remix)