Thursday, May 10, 2007

Naked, Male, and Loving It

I sit here with a smile on my face, not because I'm really really good looking [although I am] and not because I have to leave for a 5 day trip in 30 minutes and have yet to pack [although I do] but because I reckon this is the most amusing bug I've heard in a while: "Naked, female, and hating it in Second Life."

Runesword II

Speaking of role playing games, I remember back in the old days when my brother and I used to create our own RPGs using a few models and pen and paper. Well, there's an open source modern equivalent - Runesword II is designed to help people create their own role playing games. It looks pretty, is mature, and was recently open sourced, but I have kinda grown out of writing my own RPGs so I probably won't ever try it. But you could. :-)

The latest version of Snowballz was causing would-be players a few headaches. The author has fixed most of the issues and re-uploaded version 0.9 - tsk tsk, naughty. New release should mean new version number (0.9.1?) but at least he's trying. ;-)

Some people on the Free Gamer forum are trying to talk me into starting a player-centric wiki. Even if I don't do it, that thread is worth a look as they note some good resources [that I'm too lazy to repeat here].

Now I have 15 minutes to pack. And just spilt tea down my was-fresh-now-stained-with-tea t-shirt. Did you really think I was posting naked?

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