Monday, May 28, 2007

Damnation of Gods Damnation of Gods is

Haha, forgot to give the post a title so Blogger gave it this interesting one instead!

Damnation of the Gods

Damnation of the Gods is a project to make a game similar to Dungeon Master and the Eye of the Beholder series. For those not familiar with them, they are pseudo 3D RPGs - that is you have a first person view but you can only move on a grid (i.e. north, south, east, west) and the graphics are generally 2D sprites for both the environment and game characters. Unlike roguelikes the game is realtime so waiting around is not advisable. There's only a couple of screenshots but they show a fair amount of progress. You can play the latest version (0.17) on Linux or (via MingW) Windows. The author slightly confuses the term freeware with open source on the homepage but DotG is definitely open source.

Eye of the Beholder II was one of my favourite games when I was growing up. It was challenging, immersive, and had excellent graphics for it's time. It was a tough game, and I don't think me or my brother ever completed it despite buying guides with full maps and solutions to each level.

There's an update to Thunder & Lightening, the 3D air combat game. This release provides only a Linux binary although if you are desparate to play on Windows, the author may cave into a few requests. With major gameplay enhancements, a tutorial mission, a new scripting language, and bugfixes, it looks worth checking out.

Another game I want to check out is Lengendary Legions. Although it looks similar to Wesnoth (fantasy hex-based strategy) I'm sure it has a character all of it's own but without playing it and with little explicit information on the website, I really need to download it and have a crack. There is a gameplay video but there's only so much you can discern from that especially with the, er, interesting music.

At the moment there is no AI so it's player vs player only (local or networked).

Finally, you can get an unoffficial Linux binary of StarShip Troopers: Last Defense from here. YMMV.


All Blog Spots said...

sweet blog, keep the good work going :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Damnation seems to have died.
No release for almost two years, no cvs/svn access and no forum activity :-(

hikaricore said...

SST binary link frackin awesome ^_^

I <3 free gamer.

Cowboy said...

Oh man, oh man! I am the developer of DotG - Didn't see these posts until today after making a search on google :) I have updated the DotG site now, and development is underway. However - there is a problem. As you all probably know - I used graphics from the Dungeon Master Java project, and all was fine - some time later I got a message that I shouldn't be using the graphics anymore. ( I don't remember the exact wording, this was quite some time ago - but It was to the effect that I shouldn't use the graphics). Also some of it was taken from places which they shouldn't too. So now - I have made some new code - which I am releasing under the GPL - but I am looking for graphics that I can use too (I am not a graphics artist.) - I havn't actually checked what of the graphics I CAN use of the ones that I had, but it is fully understandable that the people who made the graphics for DMJava don't want it everywhere on the net. So - before you will see any major news on DotG - I need graphics to put in there. I had completely forgot about the mail I recieved asking me to remove the stuff - But now the graphics is removed - (the code however isn't gone.) So my target now is releasing DotG under the GPL (or some other open license) - and with graphics also under some kind of open license. (Seems that artist have a harder time than coders releasing their stuff under free licenses, which is understandable.) So - in short - if you are a graphics artist and want to help DotG - Now is the time!

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