Monday, May 14, 2007

Normal Service Resumed

Oh dear... lack of sleep, sobriety, and no Internet at a foreign location stole away my plans for Free Gamer blogging over the weekend. Anyway, normal service is now being resumed. :-)

The Outer Space client got an update. I always knew about this free-to-play online space strategy game but only recently found out that [at least] the client is open source.

There's a new FOSS game development blog going - Libery Gaming. The author seems to be focusing more on programming and development content.

Not much else to talk about today, however I'm going to address the awards tonight.


terraroot said...

you were gonna blog while away? dedication!

Anonymous said...

both client and server are opensource =)

hikaricore said...

SST-LD released a beta today.

Windows only sadly, havn't tried it with wine yet. :P

Jake said...

Outer Space is quite fun, though the game goes slowly. I like the atmosphere of it.

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