Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Mojo!

I feel my Free Gamer mojo returning. Awesome! :-)

These days some Free games are really, really impressive. For any disbelievers were have youtube to help showcase some of the best the Free Software gaming community has to offer.

TA:Spring is increasingly impressive these days. Some of the scenes in this video are amazing. And another. There's a large number of TA:Spring mods these days too, which I've been meaning to do a post about when I have the time to finish researching (or even play) them.

Or how about this video which was made using the The Babylon Project - a total conversion of Freespace 2 set in the Babylon 5 universe. That looks like it could have been taken straight out the series.

UFO:AI is snowballing - picking up more artists and contributors. Some of the contributed work is incredibly high quality. This game is going to really challenge the commercial competition in the coming years to actually innovate a little.

The translation efforts on the FreeTrain SE project continue. The contributed plugins have now undergone translation for all but the [rather length] train descriptions, and can now be downloaded. This introduces all kinds of fun features including a soccer management game - showing just how flexible FreeTrain is.


Anonymous said...

Great that your mojo is working.

I've only recently started following your blog, and I think you do an amazing job. Even better than some of the dedicated Linux games news sites.

And a very important job too - since many of these really nice game projects really need to step up their marketing game. There are tons of gems out there that no-one knows about.

I only have one quarrel with you. I'd wish you'd be more explicit about which platforms the games are available for. It really hurts to find out that a game is only available for windows, when you're all hyped up.

But of course it's great that you promote freedom on Windows too. Windows users should also be allowed a little taste of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Great blog-post as always 8)

@cb400f: I'm guessing here - Dunno if you are talking about TA Spring .. but it is actually possible to compile/run it on other platforms as well, but IIRC no pre-built stuff is available yet ... didn't check that recently though. I don't about the FreeTrain project.

Aside from this the general "Please mention the system(s) it runs on" argument can only be supported though ;)

Free Gamer said...

TA Spring on Linux:

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the linked video for the Babylon 5 mod was, in fact, from the television series. I distinctly remember at least two of the scenes shown, and it is listed as an "intro" and not gameplay. Otherwise, it still looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to install the babylon project, in the correct order: Base 3.2, then Base 3.3 plus its patch Base 3.3a, got an error message and the game wont run.
Also it comes without missions or campaigns and if you follow the links to download them, or it is dead, or no access right, and even on filefront everything is gone. I have tried, but sorry, uninstalled.

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