Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shoot Me Up Shoot Em Ups

Somehow I'm missed yesterday... shit happens!

My favourite RPG project Scourge now comes with outdoor areas which look rather promising. The progress on this project has been relentless which I really enjoy seeing. All it needs is some modellers to start producing some nice character models and some better decorations and it will look beautiful. I think the somewhat light-hearted premise for the storyline might be putting off potential players though so it would also be nice to see somebody product a mod for this game with a more serious storyline. Scourge is designed to be moddable.

Zaxxon Remake is a remake of the Sega game [surprisingly called] Zaxxon. The remake runs on both Linux and Windows but does not seem to be open source. I have contacted the author to encourage him otherwise. Anyway it's an isometric shoot-em-up, something not too well represented in the Free gaming world. I can think of a handful but they are all quite shallow games, perhaps Chromium BSU and KRaptor being the main protagonists, RTTS and Rafkill are two others. Outside of those you are looking at the abstract shooters like Gunroar, Parsec47, and rRootage.

Short and sweet today. That's all. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Scourge is looking amazing. I remember playing it last year, and it "wasn't quite there" (TM). Looks like it's time for another try.

hikaricore said...
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hikaricore said...

You forgot to mention that Zaxxon was the first (atleast in wide release) game ever to use isometric projection. ^_^ I used to love playing zaxxon on my old tandy in CGA colour.

Anonymous said...

How long will it take for us to play a FULLY COMPLETED AND BUG FREE Scourge, Broken Hourglass and UFO:AI ?

My patience is wearing thin, but I must remember the creators are not being showered with unlimited funds by corporation x.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Maybe I'll pull up Blender next week and see if I can get md3 model exporting working. I can at least make some tables and chests and assorted static stuff.
I need to get the whole animated-model thing down, but that's gonna be a while. :)

Oh, and the original Zaxxon is in MAME. Awesome game. I still remember being blown away the first time I saw it in the arcade; it was sitting right between Donkey Kong and Mr. Do, as I recall. (Or was it Mr. Do's Castle?) Many quarters were dropped before I got the hang of it. Ah, bliss.

Charlie said...

Broken Hourglass looks commercial to me.

Randy White said...

You missed Critter and it's fork Scum of the Universe.

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