Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warsow 0.3

Just when I feared I was losing my blogging Mojo, a few tips from readers has put me back on the path to righteousness.

First tip - Warsow 0.3 is now ready! The team behind this acrobatic FPS deathmatch game had a few problems getting it out of the door with some difficult-to-nail crashes but those problems have been addressed.

There's new maps and models, a new gametype, gameplay tweaks, it would seem there's plenty for both new and current players. One of the issues veteran players have identified with Warsow is that it's a bit of an experts game. You have to be quite skillful to pull off some of the maneuvers. There was a detailed article on this matter but I can't seem to track it down right now.

Also StarShip Troopers: Last Defense saw it's first beta release. It's Windows only, but since Glest is cross-platform I am optimistic this is a short term thing.

Anyway, back to musing over the awards setup for moi...


Anonymous said...

best game ever, playing over a year and still not bored.

Unknown said...

Hey, do you remember SoulFu? It seems the author heared you and open sourced the game. Also I'read somewhere that Fallout 3 is now open source too (sorry, i don't file the link right now). Regards from Spain, and please don't lose your bloggin mojo!

hikaricore said...

I've been able to run SST-LD under wine with a few tweaks to the glest.ini file. AKA setting it to use windowed mode othewise it wouldn't launch for me. Runs slowly but yea like you said it's build on the glest engine so it's only a matter of time. :)

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