Sunday, May 06, 2007

Day of the 0.9x

Blob Wars: Blob and Conquer 0.90 is out! A 3D follow up to the 2D platformer Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid, Blob and Conquer looks like it is shaping up nicely from the gameplay videos on the website.

It makes me happy to see Snowballz 0.9 released. This RTS now has an OpenGL backend so should run a bit better on faster systems. What I like about Snowballz is it's not just another RTS clone, with the generic C&C style gameplay traits. It has lots of character and original gameplay ideas and I can't wait to play it. I would now but I just finished watching De La Hoya lose to Mayweather and it's 5am or something silly.

FreeTrain will see another release soon as work continues at a frantic pace. The translation to English has gotten quite a bit of interest in the game and there are now 3 developers working on it with hopefully more joining in over the next few weeks, there should be regular improvements and subsequent updates.

With that in mind, it is time for Free Gamer to push for another community effort. So far a revival of Emilia Pinball is the leading contender. If anybody can think of another game they would like to see development rekindled, please comment here or on the Free Gamer forums.

Another option might be to push for a new game idea. I'd love to see an open source game inspired by the DOS game Castles. I loved that game and the gameplay concept is nice and simple meaning it shouldn't be too hard to implement and improve - you design and build a castle and then defend it from invaders! It's really cool to design the perfect castle and watch it build and there is a lot of scope for gameplay extensions.

Hmm... Pinball or Castles... or do you have a better idea? :-)


Unknown said...

I remember playing the Castles demo on my Macintosh LCII way back in the days. The graphics were crisp, the music was high-quality and gameplay seemed intriguing. I was too young and impatient to really get in to it though, and I never bought the game.

Good memories, still! :)

Anonymous said...

it seems is down atm. Probably temporary though ;O!

Jake said...

yeah hopefully it's temporary!

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