Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Woah a nice new Free game!

Irrlamb is described by it's developer(s) as "a 3D game that probably involves a lot of physics and frustrating gameplay." It looks really awesome. Check out the gameplay video. Think Marble Madness and add lots of fun extra ways to interact with objects using your spherical token. I especially liked the scene depicting the player sphere on top of a larger sphere and using cog-like mechanics to make it roll. Irrlamb looks fun and when I next get a free moment you can be sure I'll be trying it - it's available for Linux and Windows.

Irrlamb just goes to show that with a bit of thought, you can take an old concept and put an original spin on it. Pun intended. ;-)

I saw that one over on and there's a few other game updates on the 'tome. I won't duplicate them here.

One not there yet is the latest Stendhal release, version 0.60 of this console-style MMORPG. Language is a funny thing, console meaning two quite different things depending on the context. Anyway, in the unlikely event that you are confused, here it means an old school Zelda-like game.

These days Stendhal, which should run on anything that supports Java, incorporates a fairly large world to meander around, since it has been in development for several years. I'm not sure how immersive a console-style MMORPG could ever be but the beauty of free will is that different people like different things and evidently people like these types of game as there is a few around.

On a more development oriented note, I came across this rather cool page with lots of resources on various engines over on


Anonymous said...

Irrlamb IS awesome! Don't try it if you want an easy game though, it's very challenging and hard to master. As its autor says, it involves lots of annoying physics :)

Bluelads4 said...

Stendhal is already at release 1.07 which has been published some days ago :) It contains new sounds, quests, styles, creatures and dungeons. Maybe you want to take a look at it again :)

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