Saturday, July 14, 2007

Outlaws on Interstates

A little bit late today, but that's ok because tomorrow is Sunday, a Holy day, a day of rest, so I don't have to post. :-D

Eek, where to start?

Tilt-n-Roll is an innovative open source project that uses the tilting mechanism in modern laptops to recreate the classic wooden labyrinth experience. GPL, runs on Lin, Mac, and Win. What more could you ask for?

Version 1.4 of the semi-open source 3D RPG game SoulFu is available for download from Aaron Bishop's homepage. The page only lists .exe downloads but I'm sure Linux versions will appear in the official forums sooner rather than later.

SoulFu minivid

Soul Fu creator Aaron has responsed to the general querying of his "unique" distribution methods for the game:

I wanted to make a good game, and I do want people to improve it -- I simply don't have the time or desire to do it myself. Getting millions and millions of people to play the game is a goal, but SoulFu is a lot of things... It's a little experiment in creative marketing, an object lesson in morality, a nice résumé, and a tool for would-be game makers. I personally think SoulFu is more fun than most games you'd buy in the store -- they sell the sizzle, not the steak. And it has the potential to be much more, especially if you get a couple of friends together...

The game has a lot of interest and support. If, from the get go, he'd released it as open source, set up merchandising with cafepress and added Google ads to his sites, he'd be making more money than he is now and SoulFu would have many more people contributing to it and helping him market it.

So, yesterday I commented on how similar Automanic and Interstate Outlaws were. The main author of IO dropped me an email:

Just letting you know whats going on with Automanic, as you seem to be hanging out for it. I'm the guy that was working on it, but I've since dropped Automanic, and am now coding Interstate Outlaws. That's probably why they seemed similar to you :) You should try IO, i think it is better than Automanic was, and is probably similar to what Automanic 0.3 or maybe 0.4 would have been.


After posting I did think to myself this could be the case but was busy with other stuff so didn't go back and post a note saying as such. Still, not much to say other than, "Common Sense 1 - 0 Charlie". That and Interstate Outlaws is a way cooler name than Automanic. ;-)

Java Classic RPG project has another snapshot release, showing off day-night cycles and lots of foilage. It's starting to look quite cool although a long way off being an actual game, but every step is a step closer. :-)

Also version 2.2.0 of Bygfoot Football Manager has been released. Not much change from the 2.1.x releases other than stability and translations. I still don't like the UI but haven't had time to work on my own creation yet... *evil grin* soon, my children, soon...


Kiba said...

To my dismayal, IO is not Free softwares :(

It is freeware :(

Anonymous said...

but.... today is Saturday!

Wonderful video.. because of the music :)

How can it? Isn't Automanic GPL? - Yes! Isn't IO based on Automanic? - Yes! Isn't the source in the Automanic repository called io? - Yes! ( )

Got details on IO not being os?

Kiba said...

I read the agreement thingie when I was trying to install it. It say you may redistribute it noncommercial only and you cannot modify it.

hikaricore said...

A SoulFu Linux binary has been here:

For about as long as I can remember.

Charlie said...

Is that the latest version though hikari?

hikaricore said...

1.4 is the version that's been out for awhile, he just added a link to the 1.3 version on his site. I made a tar archive of this forever ago to link on uga and it's the same data I get from the "new" release. ^_^

I'm believing this is up to date.

ThatJerk said...

I agree with your opinion of Bygfoot UI not being the most appealing. I'm looking forward to your variant. ;)

Kaelis Ebonrai said...

SoulFu would be great... if it had a decent license. I mean.. the license its currently under.. there's not much point in having the source code out there. And, on top of /that/ he wants the community to finish it for him? I mean, wtf? Then, the derivatives.. they need the user to pay Aaron Bishop? I mean, come on. As far as I'm concerned, it may have source available, but, its just as "open source" as Monolith's "Shogo: M.A.D." (the source code was released in the past, under a license that made it virtually useless.) As a result.. I find its... open-ness lacking.

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