Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Forums Available

With many thanks to ghoulsblade and hagish of SFZ fame, there is a new Free Gamer forum. :-)

Unfortunately there is no way to transfer to old database over and even if it was possible the majority of useful content was posted during the period of data loss (anything after June 30th). However, lessons learned, this new forum should be more responsive ( was slow), have better uptime ( was frequently down) and is far more customizable (i.e. expect a FG theme in the near future etc).

Parallel Universe

There's a new release of Privateer Gemini Gold. Bug fixes and some improved artwork prompted the team to release 1.02a just a month after 1.02 - release early, release often so this is a good thing in my book. I'm not sure if they have addressed the reported high difficulty level of the game though. If you find PGG too difficult, check out Privateer Remake and/or Parallel Universe.

Or wait for the new Vega Strike release which is coming in August. It's looking sumptuous.

JCRPG development is still at a good pace. To get an idea of the feel of this old fashioned RPG engine, the author posted a video:

JCRPG in action


Anonymous said...

The new Vega Strike ship looks very Macross. Unfortunately, it looks really wrong from a science fiction point of view. Remember kids, when you're designing a super-cool spaceship model, think skyscraper, not tour bus. Unless you're using some exotic inertia-less Star Trek drive, the engines are always "down", and building the ship's bulk off-center will cause it to spin under thrust or worse, tear itself apart.

I hate to be Mr. Meany and rain on parades and all, but as Crow T. Robot once said, "it's because of physics."

pzi said...

Thanks for linking the video and your support! :-)

Anonymous said...

An alpha demo release of Adonthell is out. :)

And many thanks for keeping up the good work on this blogg, often many interesting a read.

Andrew said...

The new forums allow anyone to see your email address and the members list.

Can you restrict that to logged in users only?

Charlie said...

It's a per-account setting andrew. I choose to have my freegamer email visible for ease of contact but most people will keep their email private I'm sure.

Have a look at a few other profiles on the forum - most have kept their email hidden.

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