Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thunder'n'Lightning and iteam

Good news today. Not only did I finally succeed in getting to name a What the Duck strip, but there's a new Thunder and Lightning release. There are some sweeet new features, focused around AI and an aircraft carrier as well as purty graphical enhancements as you can tell from yonder youtube video below. Also the game is now available as an autopackage making it easier to install for Lusers everywhere, as well as Wusers (!?).

That's the first time I've embedded a youtube video on this blog. Should I do it more regularly? I've avoided it in the past but I quite liked that one.

iteam progress

The iteam project is making rapid progress. Only incepted about a month ago they have made tangible progress. Whilst you still can only get this Gunbound-inspired game via SVN for the time being, it surely can't be long before an actual release should they keep up this kind of momentum.

I'd never heard of Gunbound before I came across iteam. Showing my age a bit... bring back the Spectrums and the Amigas I say! Still looks like a Worms clone to me. Although true gamers would say Scorched Earth, right? :-D

Back on topic, and some more evidence of their progress:

Ok, from never having posted a youtube video to doing it twice in 1 post. Niiice. But damn that music is catchy...

The FreeCol is releasing version 0.7.0 of their Colonization-inspired game on Friday if their roadmap is anything to go by. No point talking more about it until!

"Daaa daa da... duuu duu du..." :-)


Anonymous said...

youtube videos are welcomed ;]

Anonymous said...

i second that, youtube embeds == good

Anonymous said...

Scorched Earth? You mean that newfangled Artillery clone? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Videos are very welcomed! Freegamer is all about bringing publicity to free games. Game videos are all about bringing publicity to games. Posting game videos will raise their youtube rating, thereby bringing even more publicity. Which is good.

Adam Dunn said...

As a 64-bit user, I've actively chosen not to bother with Flash (even 32-bit in a chroot environment). I'm not going to force my decisions upon you, and will not object to the embedding of Youtube videos, but would it be okay to also link to the video, so us non-Flash users can still use Youtube download services, such as http://www.videodl.org/ to get the flv file to play in 64-bit mplayer. Thanks.

Andrew said...

YouTube is banned where I live. Please use something different so we can all see the videos.

Jake said...

i agree with andrew. why not dailymotion or veoh? they seem much more welcome. Though the communities may not be as big (though probably dailymotion is pretty huge).

Anonymous said...

Embedded videos are ok, but please give html link too - at least "#" with link to youtube/other. It would help me, and spiders should like it better, too...

Anonymous said...

iteam, has now a better look, and the code has much more improvements, you can download and try it, here: http://www.via2b.com/iteam/produtos.asp?highlight=Downloads_and_Links&id=509
Still, the game is not finished yet.
You said: "bring back the Spectrums and the Amigas" - Yep, that is the spirit, i really had that in mind, when developing the graphics. Great old times... :)
iteam, intends to be/have the best of Worms and Gunbound, but, of course, with lots of new ideas. (from comunity: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=427011 )

Gunbound: http://www.softnyx.net/
Worms: http://worms.team17.com/
Btw, we still need C++ coders.


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