Friday, July 13, 2007

Interstate Outlaws

Interstate Outlaws

Interstate Outlaws is a 3D vehicle deathmatch game based on the 2 Interstate games released by Activision. Developed using Crystal Space, they announced their first public release which shows a lot of promise. It is available for Linux and Windows.

It reminds me a little bit of Automanic which is also a 3D vehicle deathmatch game based on the Interstate games and developed using Crystal Space. Automanic development seems to have stalled for the time being though. :-(

There's rumblings of development resuming on Dungeon Digger, the Dungeon Keeper inspired project. Good. I was getting concerned that it was another early, promising project to bite the hard reality dust.

FreeCol 0.7.0 is supposed to be out today. Also SuperTuxKart 3.0 was branched a week ago in svn so must be imminent too. Both should have Windows and Linux releases possibly with Mac releases to follow later.

*twiddles thumbs impatiently*


Anonymous said...

Umm, if you look at the Automanic website again you should see under "Important News":

"I've joined a project called Interstate Outlaws, a game similar to Interstate '76 and '82. So Automanic is no more, but has evolved into this new game. Expect to see better artwork, more style, big guns, and some hot cars!"

So Automanic didn't really stall, it became the base for Interstate Outlaws (as far as I know).

Also, if you look at the SVN branch for Automanic on SourceForge, it's now called "Interstate Outlaws" in the ReadMe.

Charlie said...

I had a feeling that might be the case after posting but didn't have the time to follow it up. I did look at the Automatic website before posting and either that note was not there or I missed it somehow. :P

Anyway thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double post. :-(

Charlie said...

Hehe no worries. I deleted it before you even apologised!

Zyphrexi said...

I never played the original dungeon keeper... well I tried the first one in xp, didn't turn out well. Dungeon digger was looking real nice last time I checked it out (when you first posted info about it)

I really hope they make a complete game, sp/mp totally fleshed out. Far too many good projects fall to the wayside.

Jacky J said...

Can anyone else get this to run on Windows? The fonts are messed up and the game crashes? Charlie?

Anonymous said... look at those trees!

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