Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warsow 0.3

Just when I feared I was losing my blogging Mojo, a few tips from readers has put me back on the path to righteousness.

First tip - Warsow 0.3 is now ready! The team behind this acrobatic FPS deathmatch game had a few problems getting it out of the door with some difficult-to-nail crashes but those problems have been addressed.

There's new maps and models, a new gametype, gameplay tweaks, it would seem there's plenty for both new and current players. One of the issues veteran players have identified with Warsow is that it's a bit of an experts game. You have to be quite skillful to pull off some of the maneuvers. There was a detailed article on this matter but I can't seem to track it down right now.

Also StarShip Troopers: Last Defense saw it's first beta release. It's Windows only, but since Glest is cross-platform I am optimistic this is a short term thing.

Anyway, back to musing over the awards setup for moi...