Thursday, May 03, 2007

FreeTrain and Lots of Games

I absolutely have to start with FreeTrain. The first release of the translated game is now available. It is currently Windows only (tied to DirectX) and needs .NET but the medium term goal is to port FreeTrain to SDL and Mono so it can become cross platform.

The download has been available for a few days but some documentation was needed so I held off mentioning it until now. Some tutorials have been put up so it is now possible to play the game without some seriously lucky guess work.

Hedgewars (screenshots), like Worms / Wormux but with Hedgehogs! The number of Worms clones seems to be on the up. Perhaps it's going to need it's own award category - "Best Worms Clone!" ;-)

I can't remember whether I mentioned it before, but Those Funny Funguloids (TFF) is now available for Linux. Also, Ubuntu packages have been created for I Have No Tomatoes which is written by the same guys as TFF.

That was some major linkage for one paragraph. ;-)

TFF is a top-down "mushroom collecting" arcade game with lovely 3D graphics. Check out the gameplay video for a better idea of what it's like. I like TFF because it's a simple concept executed with panache.

Blocktality is a top down shooter. It's Windows only :-( but there is a cross platform open source game that it looks very similar to (and not Loose Cannon), only the name of that game eludes me for the moment. I must be getting old or something, losing my marbles.


Super Mario Wars is like a contemporary version of Jump'n'Bump except it is not gorily cute rather than just cute.

Y'know what game is cool? Oolite. This Elite-inspired game takes the classic to a whole new level. Anyway, I mention it only because there's a gameplay video showing off exactly what it's about for those who are curious - not everybody is old enough (or geeky enough?) to remember Elite. :-)

People think Liquid War development is dead. It isn't, it just moved to become part of the GNU project under the project title Liquid War 6. Initially, it will only be a Linux-only game, which makes a refreshing change from the plethora of Windows-only titles I keep talking about.

Speaking of talking, I've talked enough. s/talked/written/. s/written/blogged/. s/blogged/rambled/. s/enough/of/this/now/.