Wednesday, June 01, 2011

bfxr = sfxr + flash + omg awesome


Sfxr is a simple retro sound machine. It has undergone some iterations and the latest software based on its principle is bfxr, which also has valuable management tools.

Their feature list:

  • 5 new waveforms : triangle, breaker, tan, whistle, and pink noise.
  • 3 new filters : compression, harmonics, and bitcrusher.
  • Ability to lock parameters during mutation/randomization.
  • Expanded pitch-jumping abilities - good for arpeggiation effects.
  • Visualisation
  • Mixer
  • Keeps your sounds and mixes in persistant lists.
  • Can reverse synths
  • Ability to link directly to sounds
Needs flash. Might be a problem. Can anybody with free flash implementations run this?

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