Monday, June 20, 2011

Assorted bunch of news

Yes... slow days here on FreeGamer... so we will try to give you a bunch of smaller news and projects to check out:

First another Minecraft clone (this time for the PSP, but with GPL code): Lamecaft (which is a title I approve... generally ;) ). Then we have a open-source reimplementation of the famous jump&run Cave-Story: NXEngine. Maybe it is something nice to make your own platformer with too?

A bit more high profile I guess is this game I recently cam across: Turtle Arena, which you might have guessed is another game based on the ioQuake3 engine. Its goals are pretty ambitious (it wants to be "not annoying"...but with those hideous turtles that might be next to impossible :p ). Artwork is CC-by-SA too, but obviously a bit IP tainted.

Another offspring of the ioQuake3 project are the ioWolf (RTCW and ET) engine upgrades, which seemed rather dead all the time. However some people actually forked them and are working on their own versions, of which especially the COOP single-player enhancement of RTCW seems news worthy (the others are here and here). Staying with Wolf:ET, the previously mentioned ET:Xreal now has a nice presentation page too.

That's all for today... but stay with us even if news come only slowly :)

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