Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Naev 0.5 released!

Naev 0.5

A new release of the 2D space trading and combat game Naev is out and available as binaries for Lin/Mac/Win here.
For those using Ubuntu (or other Debian-derived distributions), Naev is available from PlayDeb. Naev is also available in Arch LinuxGentoo, and from the openSUSE Games repository.
 Have a changelog:

List of changes since 0.4.2:
For Players

  • Larger universe
  • Expanded Dvaered, Frontier, Empire and Pirate territories
  • All-new Sirius and Soromid territory
  • Big systems
  • More planets per system
  • Much larger planets, many new planet and station graphics
  • Players must fly to jump points before jumping to another system
  • Overlay map for in-system navigation
  • Mouse interactivity
  • Planet, ship and jump point targeting
  • Contextual click actions (board, hail, land, etc.)
  • Optional mouse-controlled flying
  • Electronic warfare
  • Ships have cloaking and detection abilities
  • Sensor range depends on cloak vs detection
  • Turrets no longer track all ships equally
  • Time model changes
  • In-game time progresses in real-time
  • Dynamic time compression speeds up long journeys
  • On-map security rating abandoned in favour of faction presence indicators
  • System backgrounds (nebulae, stars and more!)
  • Fancier new GUI
  • Brand-new tutorial that is independent from the main game
  • Outfit slots now have sizes
  • Weapon sets allow easy configuration of different weapon combinations for each ship
  • Ship and weapon heat system
  • Weapons start with perfect accuracy, and become inaccurate as they overheat
  • Severe overheating causes rate of fire to drop
  • Damage absorption and penetration system
  • More diverse planetary inventories (see the tech system below)
  • Random bar NPCs
  • Sound system improvements
  • Smarter autonav behaviour
  • … and plenty more (new missions, ships, outfits, portraits, etc.)

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