Monday, June 13, 2011

Release Changelog Bullets: Los, SaR2, HoA, NatR

Lips of Suna - 0.4.0

  • Lots of sound effects.
  • Master server and server browser.
  • Climbing over obstacles.
  • Merchants and trading.
  • Attacks can be charged by holding the attack button.
  • Projectiles and sword swings have speed lines.
  • Controls can be customized in-game.
  • Basic blood effects and beheading.
  • More flexible map generation algorithm.
  • Improved aer female, android female and kraken models.
  • New items: crossbow, musket, revolver, barrel, bookcase, dewspring leaf, fruit.
  • New spells: berserk, dig, firewall, light, travel.
  • New quests: Brigands, Mining Guild, Sword on the Stone.

Search and Rescue II - 2.3.0

  • Copyrighted Guadarrama scenery textures replaced with public domain ones in order to avoid licensing problems
  • Small bugixes
  • OpenSuse packages have been updated as well

Hero of Allacrost - June 2011 Unstable Release

  • Two brand new maps with many scripted events that develop the beginning plot of the main story
  • Enter/exit sequences in battle to smooth the transition from map exploration to battle execution
  • Better display of battle damage and status indicator text and images
  • Receiving damage causes a brief stun on the stamina bar, allowing you to delay opponents actions slightly
  • New skills available to use, some of which can target an entire party
  • Attack points have specific stat modifiers (for defense and evasion)
  • Targeting certain attack points may invoke status effects. For example, targeting legs to reduce agility
  • Enemy's are no longer "leveled up" to match the party's strength
  • If the player loses a battle, they have the option to restart the battle from the beginning, taking a penalty on XP/drunes earned upon victory
  • Two new enemies to fight, one of which is a boss-type

Nikki and the Robots - 0.3 + 0.3.1

  • Prettier on-screen display elements
  • Editor bug fixed
  • Slowdown bug fixed on many systems

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