Friday, January 20, 2012

Traction Edge: Squad-Based Tactics, Roguelike Interface

Traction Edge is a story driven, turn based strategy game set in a Steampunk Victorian England. Gameplay is similar to the Gollop Brothers UFO or Lasersquad series in that you have "Action Points" to spend during your turn. The game also borrows heavily from roguelikes in both look and feel.

Traction Edge is currently under development and is considered alpha software. It is playable but limited. v0.2 was released for the Annual Roguelike Release Party 2011. It is distributed as source only and requires SFML 1.6 (not 2.0) and cmake to build.

Current Features:
  • Turn based gameplay
  • 2-4 member squad teams
  • Destructable terrain
  • Victorian Steampunk setting
  • SFML based, rescalable on the fly, 16x16 graphical tiles.
Planned Features:
  • 16-20 static levels with full story arc
  • Random content, procedural maps
  • Procedural tech tree
  • Civilians
  • Z-levels

You can keep track of all development activity using this feed. The Linux distro that I use doesn't support SFM 1.6 any more, which makes me unable to test this interesting sounding and looking squad tactics game.

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