Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Winter Shorts: Bits & Bots, Goblin Camp 0.2, BASE PRO 0.4b-r2, FlightGear Interviews

Bits & Bots: controlling two robots at once

Bits & Bots is a real-time puzzle game about figuring out the codes to moving robots around and get them to their targets most efficiently. It comes with binaries for 32/64bit Linux and Windows. Gpl code, by-sa art.

Goblin Camp 0.2, probably running some fancy tileset

Goblin Camp 0.2 brings a stockpile of changes:

  • Piles replace Stockpiles. Everything is allowed and containers get automatically shuffled to where they are needed.
  • Diseases will weaken and eventually kill your population if you don’t do anything about a growing population.
  • Migratory animals will sometimes cross the map
  • The spawning pool expands and spreads corruption in a smoother way, it’s improved from the abrupt way it was before.
  • Cowardly creatures can now also panic if they encounter another panicking creature
  • Death messages have been improved to give a bit more information, and a bit of variety has been added to them as well.
  • Constructions strobe under the cursor now, to better visualize where one stops and another one begins.
  • Portable mode. Just create a file named goblin-camp.portable in the directory where GC is installed and it’ll store all the files it needs in a sub-directory in that folder, instead of in the operating system’s default folder.
  • Skeletons no longer bleed and other assorted bug fixes.

BASE Pro is a Windows-only base jumping simulation game. Its community and news can be found on this forum.

Community member LedInfrared got the hang out of gameplay video recording and shared videos of STK and Xonotic on this YouTube page, including download links to original video material!

Stuart Buchanan: FlightGear contributor

FlightGear's news section has seen quite a high activity lately, including three interviews:

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