Friday, April 08, 2011

SDL.License = "zlib"; SDL.License != "LGPL"; TRUE

Everybody likes images!

SDL is now zlib-licensed [announcement].

Galaxy Gameworks will no longer be selling licenses to SDL, but will continue to support our existing customers.

SDL development will continue, but will largely be community driven and Ryan and I will continue to coordinate patch integration and SDL releases. We will be working to make it easier to contribute in a variety of ways, and are looking for people interested in helping out.

This piece of info came from @icculus and by the way: I didn't even know that SDL originated in Loki Software before icculus' talk. Wikipedia's SDL history is an interesting read (two paragraphs only too :) ).

The company behind SDL's commercial licensing has been Galaxy Gameworks for the last 2-3 years. The company will close doors to enhance a family's life if I read this post correctly.

(Have fun complaining about my source code title. I don't even know how to C. ;) )

PS: Would anyone like to contribute (to) a post about GSoC? I know how to compile a list of game projects that are involved but have never been involved with it in any form or even talked about it much with a participant about it.

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