Friday, April 08, 2011

icculus' "Gaming on Linux" (adjusted for open source context :) )

A 1-hour talk. By a pretty cool guy called @icculus called Ryan C. Gordon. About games and open source.

Teaser: "We only did this because Linux gives us a woodie."

Gaming on Linux by Ryan C. Gordon
Download [.ogv | .m4v] (use context menu to surpress in-browser media player)

More talk recordings from the Flourish conference 2011 are here. If you have trouble with playback in the browser, you can always download the .m4v or .ogv files.

I enjoy watching Machinima's All Your History series. The 5-part id Software history is slightly relevant here, since you know.. open source fps engines.

Part 1 of id Software All Your History