Friday, April 15, 2011

STK 0.7.1, CC to OF, SaRII 2.2.0,jCRPG, CC TXT, OSM and TitA

  1. SuperTuxKart 0.7.1 released! [great changelog!]
  2. Former CubeCreate lead dev will now work on OctaForge (so far #octaforge chat is the only piece of infrastructure)
  3. Search and Rescue II has improved sound and uses OpenAL now
  4. jClassicRPG's developer wrote short-term goals for the project (also forum registration now works)
  5. Creative Commons licenses are now officially available in .txt format (for easy inclusion in Your Game Project)
  6. Adam Drew of Red Hat will webcast about Linux/Open Source music production April 20
  7. Steampunk MMO project Tempest in the Aether will have an OpenGameArt-featured art contest during Weekend of April 30th - a todo list will be released on April 20th

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