Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ryzom FOSS: The Art

Ryzom has been released under AGPLv3 for server, client and "content creation tools" and BY-SAv3 for 17463 png image files and 7553 max 3d model files (see ). The 3D format is problematic, as .max is a proprietary format, but art is also available in the NeL shape format in ryzom's media browser (maybe not all of it, I'm not sure).

"Porting the art" is one of the tasks for which Ryzom will welcome developer support. Finishing porting to GNU/Linux is another goal and I'm sure there will be a little more coverage about the game here on Free Gamer and on other blogs once it runs. :)

(4 MB 24x24 preview of about 14000 of 17463)

I think most ground textures I saw were rather small (128x128) but of high quality and also include to-transparency alpha-blend tiles that are helpful for transitions between ground types. There are also in-game icons and GUI elements.

Here are the most popular resolutions, if you're curious:
files resolution
   5493 256x256
   2243 128x128
   1864 256x512
   1422 32x32
   1337 64x64
   1142 512x512
    646 24x24
    613 128x256
    316 40x40
    238 64x128
    199 256x128
    137 1024x1024
    121 4x4
    116 16x16


Anonymous said...
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Richard James said...

Links to explain the liscence

BY-SA 3.0

AGPL 3.0

Also what is a good format for the 3D artwork to be placed under? I would assume it could be some blender format.

Unknown said...


It's Vianney Lecroart, CTO from Ryzom.

Really nice to see all the texture in one file :)

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