Friday, May 14, 2010

Of Summoning Wars and RakNet

When I found out that Summoning Wars, it in fact uses a freely licensed network library, I wanted to test it, but failed at compiling. Today, with fresh Subversion checkout, I succeeded and was surprised by a Diablo-rules-style RPG with 3D graphics (OGRE) a lot of dialog (hours and hours of tutorials ;) ), choices, different character classes and various spells and items.
Sarcophagus open up! (And let me take precious loot!)

Enlightening zombies in a dark cave with fireballs

Leaving loot behind

Why am I  even writing these captions?

Action-RPG GUI layout 101: Left: Character, Right: Skills or Inventory

Scaring goblins to death with a lovely mask

4-way dialog sequences make plot confusing fun!

Video: Rescuing some NPC [.ogg (shorter)]

I wonder what the network part is all about. I could imagine cooperative plot-games to be fun.. Anyways, about the net lib:

The popular network library RakNet is neither open source nor free software, as defined by OSI and FSF. However, version 2.451 (Feb 18th 2006) is GPL-licensed. It can be found via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine [zip mirror]. The developers of Summoning Wars mirrored some version as well and even created an Arch Linux AUR package.

The owner of RakNet commented on GPL in commercial game development.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my AUR package. :) There's also one for sumwars I made too. I basically search this blog for games I think are cool and then make AUR packages for them if none exists.

qubodup said...

>I basically search this blog for games I think are cool and then make AUR packages for them if none exists.
That's awesome! :3

Bruno9779 said...

I have managed to compile from svn a week ago, but now I get an error when compiling, it seems related to the gui.

I will try again in a revision or so

qubodup said...

@Bruno9779 make sure to use cmake, not ./configure. I did that mistake today, but realized what I was doing wrong quickly. Current svn r1882 compiles fine for me.

Bruno9779 said...

I am not familiar with cmake, but yesterday it worked with ./configure && make.
It really looks revision related

qubodup said...

to use cmake:
`cmake . && make`

Michael Mui said...

"Why am I even writing these captions?"

Because they are funny :) Keep up the good work!

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