Monday, August 04, 2008


Behold! The Uzebox!

Uzebox is a retro and minimal game console, which supposedly will have an open architecture, driver and game soon. It is built for NES controllers and it's driver is written for NTSC. Take a look at this video to witness it's capabilities!


It's now possible to play PURITY with pre-compiled maps! See this thread for instructions. Currently there is half a dozen of maps, on which you can roll around and figure out what the different attacks do. I found experimenting with the weapons very interesting and already developed some techniques for "get as fast as possible from this part of the map to that other part of the map."

Also, if you're into minimalistic art, you'll find PURITY to be a tool for creating some sexy screenshots. Hm... three dee canvas...

Radakan's team decided to use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license for all of it's content. What joy! I'm still waiting for WorldTool's next release. Impatiently.

I just red that Nosslak, who contributed to OpenFrag before, offered his skill to the Radakan project. His motivation seems to be the slow progression of OpenFrag.

Did you know you can learn to create a game showing a picture of cheese in under five minutes? It's true! True, I tell you!

Also, I'm trying to create a snake-like game in Lua. I've been thinking about the concept in the last four days, but I have some kind of mental blockade which keeps me from sitting down and keep on writing these less than a hundred lines of code.

Commander Stalin

PS: Commander Stalin is a Bos Wars-based RTS with a ww2 theme. The music in the game is screaming "copyright infringement" - I wonder about the artwork.


Anonymous said...

KMuddy (one of the best Linux MUD clients) a brand new look on it's homepage today:

Artists and C++ wanted ;)

Kiba said...

How you discovered this?

Anonymous said...

I saw Commander Stalin last night on Sourceforge and gave it a quick go.

Tried the first map and the majority of my buildings and units were German, complete with Nazi swastikas which is a no-no at least in Germany. Some of my buildings were Soviet though??? The AI made a feeble attack and I wiped them out with a few airplanes. Airplanes are hideously overpowered and it seems they can only be killed by the static AA guns. After wiping out the AI it was pronounced a Soviet victory???

Kozuch82 said...

Uzebox is really cool! Seems like it is already nicely taking off - three comercial console products available today!

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