Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ludum Dare 12 and jClassicRPG updates

Ludum Dare 12 starts in three hours. There are three lists of hints for python game programmers who are going to join the competition: SolHSA’s, mrfun's and GBGames'. Hints that help you be resourceful, constructive and alive before, during and after the contest.

jClassicRPG is getting bigger, prettier and cooler.

By the way: Orbit-Hopper does work on my machine. Only the 1.16 build creates segfaults. 1.15 works fine. (Though suffers from extreme slowdown when I try to record it.)

OpenArena 0.8.0

Post Scriptum: OpenArena 0.8.0 has arrived in a bigger than 300 MB archive. It contains some new media and "mission packs"
Missionpack is basically the trademarkless codename of Quake III Team Arena game code and since we've completed the minimal essential assets for it in this version it's 'playable' to the extent where you can score points in Harvester, Overload and One Flag CTF nicely. Among the game types is the 'annoying voice system' where you press a key and it says stuff audibly.

I don't really understand, but will check it out in 2.5 minutes.

Post Scriptum 2: The Uzebox will apparently be completely free as in freedom. As this note appeared yesterday on the project's homepage:

Following many requests, all sources and schematics will be published by August 24th '08. That's pretty soon so stay tuned! And everything will be released under fully free, open source software, open hardware...hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

JCRPG is making no progress at all toward being a game. It seems like all the progress is toward it being a nicer 3D engine, and none toward anything playable.

It doesn't matter if the game supports high-resolution distant landscapes if it's still 1. tile based and 2. not actually a game.

It also crashes within a few minutes, at least on OS X. I don't know where the fault lies here, but in a Java application that's pretty inexcusable. (It might be Apple's fault, though.)

Paul said...

Jcrpg: It's not nice that you have a crash within a few minutes. What videocard do you have? What version have you tried?

About your other points - first a LOT has been made of gameplay since last release, combat is working now, character leveling too, there are spell effects and such...a long list.

About being tile based - yeah it is tile based because it's intended to be. Anyway your comment would be really annoying because you didn't really take the time to look for more information. But that part i don't care.

The crash is not good though, the only part of your comment I'm interested in as lead dev of jcrpg.


qubodup said...

anoying: be a good anoy and post your problems in detail to the jcrpg forum.

Mantar said...

Yeah, being tile-based is part of the C in JCRPG, dude.
Ever see Eye of the Beholder? How about the Ishar games? (Some of my favorites) They were tile-based.

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