Saturday, August 16, 2008

jClassicRPG's major breakthrough in the field of playable!

jClassicRPG detail

jClassicRPG 'Vigilante Eye' is out for us to get. The game engine is nearing completeness, dialogs and a quest system need implementing. Then we'll be able to slay our first 15 foxes for the lazy shepherd Osgar Lindquist. The following features all-ready work:

  • Fighting: Bash (monsters) and be bashed (by monsters)!

  • Items: Collect gold and pieces of wood from slain foxes!

  • Camping: Rest to regenerate health, energy and mana!

  • Leveling: Spend hours deciding on what stat to increase!

And this is where you come into play! Get the release. Timong is waiting for your bug reports, patches and feature requests! =D

The visual (and aural) and performance improvements that happened lately are pretty much wow. The terrain now looks very natural compared to earlier versions, there are new animated models, there is a tropical background sound loop. I created a rather long video that shows off some of the new features. (Direct download, 118 MB, recommended) data mining (har har)

I'm currently working on a simple categorization of all the stable and or mature game-related projects hosted by Not fun. But the results will hopefully be.

I will try to learn from Edwart Tufte's The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (which should have shipped today) to create some nice graphical overviews. If you can recommend me a statistical data visualization application, please do!

Block Attack b.q. (before qubodup)

I started a theme for the Tetris Attack-clone block attack. The current status can be seen in this video. Criticism is welcome. :)

The LÖVE smiley competition, in which you can win an awesome comic book, will end in two weeks.

PS: our new-found friends at TIGSource are having a remakes competition. This contestant appears to be willing to release her Bootlet Bash's code and media as free code and art!


Anonymous said...

how about rapidminer :)?


in the faith of this blog its also an example of a very successful open source project...

Anonymous said...

It's not a game, for one thing.

Ashique said...

Cool site mate, keep up the good work

Goupil said...

i'm very interesting in your project of categorization of all the stable and or mature game-related projects hosted by

I'm the author of the site 'Le Bottin des jeux Linux' (
The subject of this site is to make the more complete list of Linux Game with usefull information (it's my opinion ;) like homepage, screenshot, rating, version, my opinion and some links for other documentations. At this time 1115 game are listed.
This site is in French but if someone feels brave for translating it in English, it can be usefull for all Linux community. It's also a GPL project.

I read your list and find it very usefull for finding other games.
It's not all the time very easy to find complete games on Sourceforge because of the great amount of dead/not started projects.


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