Thursday, January 31, 2008

Updates Galore


There's quite a few updates that have not caught the public eye in the last few days:


NewCol is, "a game based on a classic map engine displaying forests, rivers, mountains and seas with a textured relief map, gaussian random number generator and z-buffer like algorithm." It's obviously inspired a bit by colonization, but it looks very original in it's design. I wasn't able to find a direct link to the screenshots page so you'll have to go their yourself.

Finally, one of my favourite projects Scourge has seen some great improvements lately. There's a lot more people contributing to the game and, thanks to the increased visibility of Free media out there, has gained some impoved models. The SVN version of Scourge is pretty damn good and the game only really needs some decent character models to become one of the more impressive Free Software games available.

Do you want to find some open source media for your game? Then these are the two places you should start:

Uh... I posted way more than I intended to... I need a cup of tea!


Anonymous said...

New version of wesnoth just got released.

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of links I didn't know about. Thanks!

*goes to check the scourge*

Anonymous said...

wooooooowwww great blog

SCIBOTIC said...

I'll be doing a concept art spree soon and I'm wondering if you know any open source projects that would want to take advantage of it?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find source for newcol... seems like it isn't free after all

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