Thursday, January 24, 2008

Singing in the rain

Ok, ok, I know, I've been a bit rubbish lately. I'm struggling with the same problems that afflict many, many Free Software developers. Firstly I over-committed myself and the blog is lower priority than the various Free Software projects I should be working on. The blog is, if you like, the end result of far too much web surfing indulgence. If I can't indulge, the blog material quickly dries up. It's why nobody else does it; you can't do it if you don't do a lot of research and research takes a lot of time. Fortunately, over the last year a few other sites have come up. Libregamewiki, the FreeGameDev site (the forums, the awesome art search site and wiki) have materialized and the Linux Game Tome has been somewhat resurgent now it has reliable hosting. I like to think that in some small way I somehow caused the new waves of Free Software gaming that's hitting the beaches lately. Butterfly on freegamer, tornado on alpha centurai or something like that.

I don't believe in making dramatic statements, but if there's no new material here it's because I'm out conquering the world so you should leave some comments of worship so I look upon you favourably when I'm in power. Er...

Somehow I forgot to mention it before, but Glest 3.0 is in beta. Info is scattered around the Glest forums. Here's SVN instructions for the brave. Glest is now on moddb which gives convenient listings of the main mods.

Do you like Globulation2? One of the main contributors is offering 6 months of full time development at a very cheap price (as developers go). Details from the mailing list where one guy has offered to double all other offers in order to make it happen.

Are you making a 2D game? Want a level editor without having to write one? Tile Editor.

Want a simple 2D pixel art program for making sprites? JDraw is for you.


pzi said...

Hail the new Emperor, Charlie the First! >8D

Anonymous said...

hi~nice blog, keep the good work on it and i will be back soon

pzi said...

oh no, the spammer again, this genesiceo guy... jcrpg had some hits by it lately.

Irrevenant said...

re: having time to hunt down news, I suggest adding a honking great big "Submit OS Gaming news" button to the top of your blog.

I'm sure lots of your readers would love to share tidbits about their favourite games.

I realise that the forums cover this, but that's more hassle for the reader than a big direct submit button.

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