Monday, January 07, 2008

Updates, updates, updates... woha!

Just a tiny snack this time!

One of the Christmas presents this year was Battle Tanks Xmas Edition. It introduces more interactivity (very GTA-like stuff) and a lot of fixes.

No kidding, this is the biggest update we've ever done to our little game.

Sounds promising.

Warzone 2100 2.0.10
Warzone 2100 2.0.10 was released shortly before 2008. It fixes ATI 3D graphics and Vorbis 1.2 sound support and should make the game fully playable for some who were not able to run it with sound or at reasonable frame rates. Also terrain rendering is supposed to be faster and produce prettier results.
The ex-commercial project is for me the best free strategy game available. It was GPL-ed, excluding videos and music and I hope that it will soon feature some cool tracks to make the click-action even more pleasant.

Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.2 is available for linux systems. It features a new model, which I think is sexy, although I don't understand how the rear axis is physically possible (you'll see what I mean.) Another feature is a terribly low frame rate in comparison to former versions. =( Anyways, take a look at the official video!

Dead Justice
It's quite impressive what you can find when browsing SourceForge's project list... quite impressive... What I found is Cat Mother Dead Justice, a Directx-only 3rd-person shooter, which is a stopped and open-sourced commercial project. It has good graphics and does run stable. The best part for me is: The art is under GPL. This hopefully means that we can expect some imported pretty/prettier models/maps/textures in games like Nexuiz or OpenArena, though I think any 3D game could profit from it, for example JCRPG, which could use some fully-animated models - new textures would do the trick! Maybe even someone would care to port the currently windows-only Cat Mother Dead Justice...


Bram said...

Stormbaan Coureur should run fluently on any decent graphics card. I use an nvidia 6600 myself which does 60fps without problems. I wonder whether it drops down to software OpenGL because of an unsupported feature? What happens if you use 'export PLODE_NO_SHADOWS=1' before running? Is it faster then?

qubodup said...

Yeah, that helped 80-120 fps after doing the export

Keno said...

Hi, like you on sourceforge, i have today fortunately discovered a open engine for playing Jazz Jackrabbit.

I was suprised that i didnt know about that sooner.

Sorry for my english

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