Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Whenever I have an extended FG absence (nearly 4 days this time!) it always makes me feel like shouting "I'm back" in the style of that guy from Independence Day. Maybe in a past life I had my dignity taken away from me by rectally-fascinated aliens? Who knows, but now it's out of my system I doubt I'll think it again.

So... since it's "tomorrow" now, I'll point people in the direction of a comment by FIFE developer mvbaracuda who corrects my "commercial quality techdemo" description of the upcoming joint venture between FIFE and Zero Projekt. So if you are interested in making adventure games then investigate further.


Paintown is an old school beat-em-up like Double Dragon. It's been in development all year and has an installer for Windows and source download for other platforms (Linux only, I think, but not checked it thoroughly) and looks like a fun game.

I tried out Vega Strike which looks nice although I think these kind of space exploration games need a storyline to get people involved. Since it doesn't have one, there's no initial purpose to the game (other than make money I guess) so I didn't spend too long playing. The latest VS is only available from subversion but it's shaping up nicely so a release should come soon - before the end of the month, I reckon. The big news is the addition of shader support so it's going to look very pretty, in addition to tons of gameplay balancing and bug fixes.

I also tried out JCRPG which is turning into a very nice little game engine. The graphics are great and if the same determination and attention to detail is paid to the rest of the JCRPG goals then we will have something really special on our hands. There is a download available if you want to check it out - it's Java so you can, er, run it anywhere. That's what they say. ;-)

Fortress may be a long way away from anything releasable but, well, castles are cool. So check out the development blog for pictures of two contributed castles. I'm personally involved in the project so it's exciting for me and if those artistic efforts are a measure of what the game will look like, it's going to look absolutely awesome.


Syphex said...

Cool check mine out if you want :) all about games to


Anonymous said...

I think that can be count as spam, syphex...

Unknown said...

It may be that syphex is interpreting free to be "as in beer", as is all too common. For instance, FreeSoftwareTop.com (linked from the front page) even uses Tux and GNU mascots while the #1 entry there (PenDriveApps.com) is all about proprietary freeware.

If this blog is ever renamed or recreated I think a better name might be FreedomGamer.BlogSpot.com - though maybe I'm incorrectly narrowing Charlie's vision?

Anonymous said...

Vegastrike storyline: Last time I checked (which is a _long_ time back) there was something you could call a main story, you just needed to find a certain person somewhere in the starting system or nearby (tip: search the forum) and it starts of. Not a good introduction for the player, but it was a start at least ;)
Dunno if that has been extended or even removed since then though

SiENcE said...


i created a blog about Crank Gaming.


maybe we can link against each other?

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