Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nuxified and Cluenet FOSS Game Tournament

The forums are NOT down, they are still up here:

I'm moving admin of the domain over to so it can be more useful than a simple redirect. [watch this space!]

On top of that, if your Free Software game project includes non-Free art then you need to be careful. Why? Because this could happen to you. Sure it's a setback that the Warsow team will recover from, but by using an appopriate license or agreeing terms this situation could be avoided.

For instance I'm accepting some non-Free contributions to a project of mine but I made sure the author agreed the graphics had irrevocable usage rights for the project. So he can't rip his graphics out if he has a change of heart.

Anyway, the whole purpose of creating games is to play them, right? Well, Nuxified and Cluesoft have come together to put together a tournament using solely Free Software games. They haven't yet chosen the exact games for the tournament so contribute your opinion if you want to be playing your favourite game if you want to take part.


Mantar said...

Wow. He's ragging on about his "mental property" and threatening legal action against people who try to do remakes of his map. What an asshat.
I can understand artists not wanting a project taking over complete control over their works forever (See: Planeshift, which I wouldn't contribute spit to as long as the project head keeps making noises about wanting to take everyone's work and make a commercial product out of it) but at the same time, there needs to be some assurance that artists won't wake up with a wild hair up their ass and decide to mess with a project like this.
You idea about an agreement that the work must remain usable is a good idea. OTOH, acid's not telling them they can't use his maps, just that they can't make any changes, fixes, or updates to the maps, ever. (Which amounts to practically the same thing, but wouldn't violate an agreement that the map must remain available to use)

Seth said...

Here is a few more choices for consideration.

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