Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fill This Space

Hrm... *eyes shift left then right* ...something's wrong - I don't know what to write about.

I could start with that ATI/AMD releasing ATI GPU specs and committing to helping out the open source drivers, but everybody else is doing that and to be honest - whilst game related and good news for ATI (who were close to being written off as a half-decent provider of hardware for anybody intending to run Linux which is actually quite a lot of people) it's not overly relevant to open source games which tend to be, wel, not so demanding on our GPUs.

Oh, if you read that first here, either you are a really dedicated Free Gamer reader and checked FG first thing after sleeping for 16 hours having slept so long because you spent the entire day ready the FG archives, or you have your head in the sand when it comes to technical news... ;-)

I tried out Interstate Outlaws, the Carmageddon-ish game that is the successor to [the now defunct project] Automanic. It comes with an auto-update feature, which is kinda refreshing. Normally one must do this things manually or wait for your distro to do it. Given how out of date most games in Ubuntu are (and Ubuntu is pretty cutting edge by most distro standards) this is a welcome feature. Only it doesn't really work - but the game is 0.1.x still so bumps are to be expected. Still, the cars looked really cool before the game prevented me driving them. :-D

What's more interesting is that they have created an intro movie for Interstate Outlaws. You can see it on YouTube or wait for them to include a full quality version in the game.

You can now play Wormux online! More instructions here.

Hrm... what else... nothing not mentioned recently in other posts so I'll keep it short and sweet today.


Anonymous said...

heh, I'll help you out for next time... Warsow had a new release, 1.32

Anonymous said...

Hey, i _did_ read that about the ATI specs here for the first time. And i also did recently buy a new nvidia card mostly for open source gaming - after beeing disappointed for so long with my old ati radeon8500.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello! What do you have to say about the new glest version?

Mantar said...

I was already happy about the new 8.41 drivers (Phoronix says 50-90% performance increase? w00t! I was "okay" with my ut2004 fps before, but wow!) as well as the AIGLX support coming in 8.42, but this announcement of open specs is just super-extra icing on the cake.

And here I was planning on an nVidia card for my next purchase - shame on me! I should know AMD better than that! Heh.

Tyler Olsen said...

When there's not much news to write about, why don't you consider making a special mention of promising projects that are in need of additional help? If you help reinforce a team's strength, then it will be easier for them to create news-worthy material in an expedient manner. ;)

Bjørn said...

heh, I read "wormux online" and for some reason I thought they built a web interface :P

ATI stuff was news to me as well.

hikari said...

you know if you get bored you can always update thefreedesktop. :p

Daniel Beck said...

I could start with that ATI/AMD releasing ATI GPU specs and committing to helping out the open source drivers, but everybody else is doing that
Not true: some hardware provider are opening their driver, however they are not releasing their GPU specs. That is something new and very good in my opinion.

I also think that once good opensource graphic-drivers are available for most graphic cards, developers of opensource games will be less reluctant to add open-gl effects to their game.

mantar said...

Daniel: I think he meant 'everybody else is talking about it' rather than 'all the other vendors are doing it too'..

I think one thing this blog could use is one of those bars on the side that lists where the latest comments were made, kinda like the one over at .. Hmmm. Can you do that with blogger? I don't know, but it'd be nice.

Daniel Beck said...

mantar: ups. You are right. I didn't understand it that way than reading the blog the first time, that's why I was very surprised by the article. Thanks.

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