Sunday, January 08, 2012

Winter Shorts 2: Wizznic! Mouse Input, Me and My Shadow New Look, Epiar Cleanup, GemRB Platforms and Games


Wizznic! supports mouse & touchscreen. [Video] Code available on GitHub.


MeAndMyShadow 0.2rc1 is out. It features tutorial, in-game help, a new default visual style and an improved editor.

Epiar 0.5.0 has been released:
  • UI clean-up
  • Expanded missions system
  • Sound and music additions
  • Main menu
  • Editor greatly expanded
  • Misc. bug fixes
GemRB logo

GemRB 0.7.0 was released recently. Their wiki received a clean-up as well. The engine re-implementation runs on Android and iOS. BG, TotSC, BGII, ToB, IWD and HoW can be played start to end. Some features are missing and there are some new features too.