Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brain Workshop 4.1, Epoch and an 'Open Source' vaporware console

Release 4.1 of Brain Workshop introduces some GUI tweaks and a new sound theme (piano notes instead of spoken letters). I finally gave it a try and was able to record sound via recordmydesktop with the help of this config guide.

The rules of the game are: watch and listen and press one button if the same field becomes active as it was n (a number) rounds before or if the same sound appears as it was n rounds before. I'll definitely 'play' this brain-trainer some more. :)

Are you into web-based strategy games? Epoch is an sci-fi/space type one. Development started in 2002 and it is open source.

According to this forum post, Epoch's team is now working on an OGRE-based 3D game with the same setting, but it might take some years.

You might have heard about the "open source", GNU/Linux-based, 250$ EVO Smart Console. Lol. 100% vaporware.


  1. Int's not like I trust them, but why are you so sure it's 100% vapourware?

  2. The whole thing is a scam, they're slapping crystal space on a disk and charging $99 for it.

  3. merkoth: I think it's vaporware/scam because 1. there are no decent-resolution images of the console 2. there is nothing that indicates the existence of any hardware or software related to this evo thing. 3. <- attempt at faking that there is something. That document has no sense 4. all game screenshots on the homepage are taken from the game's homepages 5.the project is now two years old without any change

    One could argue that this might be real. I guess it's only vaporware if you can't prove 100% that it is so.


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